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  • CEO’s: Should they really be called CCO’s? – We all know that the CEO is the head of the company. The one who oversees all operations and processes. The one who makes the final decisions on company affairs. But should the title really be CCO… Chief Communication Officer? “The International Capitalist” David Iwinski explores this issue as part of a series of discussions with Dr. Mildred Myers, a specialist in Corporate / Business Communications at Carnegie Mellon University.
  • That Knock On the Door? It’s the Media, Here to Ask You Some Questions. What Do You Do? – A recent installment of David Iwinski’s series on communications strategies for business, both on an external and internal level, with Millie Myers of Carnegie Mellon University who discusses how to turn a news media interview from an ordeal to a great opportunity. Remember…reporters aren’t out to get you. They’re out to get a good story.
  • Why Do You Need a Business Plan, and How Do You Know if Yours is as Good as it Can Be? – Dr. Millie Myers, a business communications consultant and professor at Carnegie Mellon University talks with “The International Capitalist” David Iwinski and business plan expert Tim Zak about why business plans are the first “must-do” when starting a business and about the questions your plan must answer.
  • Effective Search Engine Optimization Techniques – Dr. Millie Myers, an executive communication specialist at Carnegie Mellon University is joined by SEO Consultant Valerie DiCarlo of SEO Web Consulting to discuss how businesses can effectively communicate their brand, Value Proposition and benefits through optimized Internet Marketing.
  • You Say To-MAY toe. I Say To-MAH toe. The Art of International Communication – As part of this ongoing series on effective business communication strategies on TAE Radio, Dr. Millie Myers of Carnegie Mellon University – an expert in business communication with regard to American commerce – talks with “The International Capitalist” David Iwinski about how to navigate communication barriers in overseas markets.
  • Can You Hear Me Now? Why Communication is So Important in The International Marketplace – The International Capitalist, David Iwinski, continues his series of discussions with Dr. Millie Myers of Carnegie Mellon University regarding the do’s and don’ts of business communication on an international level.  They discuss the considerations an entrepreneur must be mindful of when preparing to engage in business overseas, from nuances in language to differences in culture, to non-verbal communication cues.  They also share stories of the dangers that can happen when just one wrong word or phrase can kill a potential deal dead in its tracks.
  • Communication and the Gender Gap: An Inside Look at Perception vs. Reality – Of the differences between men and women in the world of business, one of the most fascinating is the differences in how men and women communicate in a professional setting, especially when considering the notions long perceived to be true.  Which gender REALLY talks more?  Who’s more inquisitive?  Who is the more powerful, assertive communicator?  American Entrepreneur Radio’s resident expert on communication, Dr. Millie Myers of Carnegie Mellon University, talks with The International Capitalist, David Iwinski, about the perceptions and realities of how men and women communicate, and how either gender can take a cue from how the other gets their points across in order to better facilitate communication in the workplace.
  • What Is the Biggest Communication Problem Hurting Your Company? – The International Capitalist, David Iwinski, along with Millie Myers of Carnegie Mellon University, wrap up their series on business communication by talking with callers about their most pressing communication issues.

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