Dr. Millie Myers, Corporate Communication educator and consultant has published the following:



Writing Skills for Bankers, published by American Bankers Association

Older Bank Customers:  An Expanding Market, published  by American Bankers Association

Social Auditing:  Evaluating the Impact of Corporate Programs (co-author), published by Praeger, Inc.

Cataloging for Library Technical Assistants (co-author), published by Gryphon House

Contributor to The Manager’s Book of Lists, by Deep and Sussman, published by SDD Publishers

Select Articles

The Value of a Zip Code(with Michael Sexauer), published in Nonprofit World.

Think Before You Talk,” published in Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Missed Connections,” published in Across the Board

Dealing with an Irrational Public” (co-author), published in Across the Board

The Manager’s Memo as a Strategic Tool,” published in Management Review

“Character Traits of Leaders:  ‘The Greeks Had a Word for It,’” published in GSIA Magazine

“When a Planner Becomes a Manager” (co-author), published in Planning

“Older Customers:  Definitions and Demographics,” published in Hoosier Banker

Why Were the Thomas/Hill Hearings So Divisive?published in FOCUS (Carnegie Mellon University)

Mary Cunningham and the Press: Who Said What and How,” published in Women’s Studies in Communication

The Mid-Career Special Librarian: Where Do We Go From Here?

“The Hidden Politics of Social Auditing” (co-author), published in Business and Society Review